In the medical world, doctor-patient confidentiality is crucial; patients trust their doctors and expect a certain degree of professionalism. In the same way, a medical website where patients share their sensitive medical information needs to be secured from cyber criminals who place a higher value on a person’s health information than their credit card credentials.

This can be done through SSL or secure sockets layer which is an internet security protocol that encrypts the information transferred between the hosting server and a medical website. Let’s take a look at why SSL encryption is important.

It Enhances the HIPAA Compliance
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 states that any patient’s sensitive medical and health information should be protected by the health service provider like a clinic or a hospital.   Patients often share their health data online on medical websites when making an appointment or during consulting; such data should be protected by encrypting a website with SSL. When SSL is implemented, the data is protected from cyber criminals and the medical website becomes HIPAA compliant.

Creates Trust among Your Patients
People in general have become more aware of technology and your patients will quickly notice if your website is not secure. In other words, they will not willingly share their medical information with you for fear of it being stolen by hackers. And if a data breach does occur, you will lose any trust you build over the years.  With an SSL encryption, you will assure your patients that your website is safe and secure; this will build trust and confidence in them.

Results in More Conversions
The goal of a medical website is to convert their online visitors to office visitors; therefore, if your website is not secure and does not have an SSL encryption, most visitors will simply leave without submitting their personal and medical information.  With SSL encryption, your visitors are more likely fill out the online appointment form and request for more information.

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