Mobile Ready?

A mobile friendly and responsive website is more important than ever!

Why does your business have a website?
Most businesses have a website to reach new customers and to make communication and transactions easier for existing customers.

Why does your business need a mobile website?
To make communication and transactions easier for those same customers who are now using their mobile devices.  Good, bad or indifferent… technology keeps changing and the requirements for the quality business website of a few years ago are horribly outdated today. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are more popular than ever before; and, because of this, optimizing your website for mobile interaction (even if your website is only a few years old) is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Your customers are mobile… if your website is not, then your customers cannot find you.

Here are the top 7 reasons your website should have a mobile responsive design…

    • Google Search Results
      In 2015, Google made changes to its algorithm. These changes favor responsive, mobile-ready design. Simply put… websites that are created with a responsive, mobile design rank higher then websites that are not mobile ready.
    • Customer Convenience
      Mobile devices are used to do everything from quick searches to buying big ticket items. They are fast and easy. If your business website is not optimized for mobile searches, then your customers will not be able to find you and you will lose their business.
    • Customer Reach
      Simply, you will be able to reach more customers, faster. A mobile-friendly business website will be seen and visited by more people.
    • Business Credibility
      Today’s business world dictates a mobile website presence. Without it, customers will assume your business is outdated or unprofessional. A current and innovative, mobile ready website will allow your customers to see you as a credible resource for information, products and services.
    • Brand Reliability
      People, by nature, want to be associated with innovative and popular products and services. If your website is outdated and cannot be found when they are searching from their phones or tablets, then people will assume your business is not worth their time.
    • Dinosaur Effect
      Websites that are not designed to be mobile friendly are becoming outdated within the quickly evolving digital landscape. Each day, more and more websites emerge that are mobile ready and they continue to push those sites that are not even farther down the search results page and away from customers.
    • The Power of Google
      Simply, your website should be mobile ready because Google says that it should. Without a doubt, Google is a powerhouse in the search engine world. Because of this, their recommendations count. Google recognizes the importance of and gives preference to websites that have mobile responsive design and, if you want your website to be found and customers to be comfortable using it, then you should make sure that it is mobile ready.

Your website is your business’ primary first impression and the source of interaction for a majority of your customers… make sure that it is the most innovative, useful and functional version it can be.

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