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What is website management? 2017-05-10T15:30:14+00:00

If you are not sure what website management entails, then you are not alone. Many individuals view a website as just a website and do not fully grasp all of the aspects that have to work together to keep a website running; including, but not limited to…
• Server hosting
• DNS management
• Domain name registration
• Backups
• SSL encryption
• Firewalls
• Security updates
• Web design
• Content management
• Online marketing
• Search engine optimization
• Social media management

Website management services, like ours, take care of all of the website related work so that you can concentrate on the important aspects of your life: your practice, your patients and yourself.

What happens to the “Practice Specific” text that I provide? 2017-02-08T17:07:20+00:00

Yes, Tolero will ask for practice specific text, images and information as we create and customize your website. Any text/images that you provide will remain yours. We will not alter your text/images (outside of general proofreading and grammatical changes) without permission. If you decide to cancel your website subscription, our rights to post that information will cease and your text/images will be removed from our website.

Can I send PPC or link building campaigns to my website? 2017-02-08T16:58:12+00:00

For search engine optimization purposes, we highly discourage link building and PPC. Short cuts such as these can impair or devastate a website’s natural listings (search engines do not like short cuts and penalize when they find them).

You cannot send PPC or other link building advertising campaigns to the URL that Tolero purchases for you.

That being said, we do understand that companies may want to use PPC, link building or other paid advertising to attract additional customers (above and beyond search results). If you would like conduct an additional advertising campaign, then let us know. We will create a specific landing page for your advertising campaign within the Tolero website. We will then provide you instructions for forwarding your own URL (if you do not have an existing one, then you will need to purchase one for this outside advertising) to the dedicated landing page. This way, these campaigns will still benefit your practice and will ultimately resolve to your website without impacting or hindering the primary website or URL.

Do I have to pay extra for SEO? 2017-02-08T16:58:54+00:00

Search engine optimization is integrated into each of our websites from inception. Every website is a full, standalone website with a unique IP address and SSL… we do not give you portal sites or sub-sites. It is then updated and maintained throughout the life of the website so that it is always functioning as proficiently as possible. SEO is so much more than link building or PPC. In fact, short cuts such as these can actually impair or devastate the natural listings that your website could otherwise achieve (search engines do not like short cuts and penalize when they find them).

Can I access my website to make changes or add pages as I want? 2017-02-08T17:08:46+00:00

One of the benefits of Tolero Websites is that we do all of the work for you. We do not turn over the website and expect you to instantly know how to code in HTML, to arrange text or images within a frame, code properly to prevent layout mistakes that result in uneven columns, missing features and amateurish mistakes, own images that you can use, crop or resize so that they fit properly within the article or page, code to prevent slow page loading, own the software required to make image changes, or to even have the desire to do any of this.

We are the website design and hosting company. We complete all adds/moves/changes for you. Simply log into our support system (or send us an email), request the add/move/change you would like to have done. We will do the rest. For your reference, a typical page with normal formatting and few errors will take approximately 5 minutes to create a page, proof-read, add an image, format and attach to the appropriate menus. You are given 150 support minutes a year. If you use up all of your support minutes, then additional minutes can be purchased for $2 per minute.

We do everything for you so that you can have a functioning and beautiful website without the hassle.

Do you use a content management system? 2017-02-08T17:01:31+00:00

A content management system (CMS) is the application within a template that supports the creation and modification of content. We do use content management systems within our websites. The type that we choose varies depending upon the needs of the industry information and content being shared. We typically use Magellan, WordPress or Joomla.

What platform do you use to build the website? 2017-02-08T17:09:26+00:00

We have built both the AI (artificial intelligence) platform and the template that we use for each of our websites. Both are proprietary. Together, the proprietary ways in which they have been created and enhanced by our strategic partnerships enable us to make frequent code and visual changes to ensure optimization… and, they are the ONLY way that we are able to maintain the ongoing updates and extraordinary quality all for the low price of $350 per month.

You will notice that our formats will change over time (visually impacting the layout of pages) as technology, search engine algorithms and viewer expectations demand. This said, we will keep any information that you provide the same unless you request a change (i.e. text, images, mission statements, contact information, etc…). These unique features are what make this an extraordinary product… a product that other companies charge thousands of dollars a month for!

Are there any additional charges? 2017-02-08T17:04:17+00:00

All of the features described in the product description are included for $350 per month. There are not additional or add-on prices for this product as described.

The only time there would be additional charges is if you require features that are not included in the website program as described. For example, you need more support minutes or you would like additional Exchange Email accounts.

What is included for $350 per month? 2017-02-08T17:10:14+00:00

Below you will find a detailed list of all of the components included with our websites. In summary, when you purchase a website, it will include complete website design, hosting and maintenance for as long as you are a customer. All of the features listed below are included for only $350 per month.



Domain Name

  • This URL is chosen by Tolero (with SEO and analytics in mind) for your website

Domain Name Forwarding

  • We will help you forward an existing URL (if you own one) to your Tolero website. Existing customers and/or patients can still go to your existing URL and the Tolero website will display seamlessly (ensuring that any previous and/or existing marketing continues to benefit your practice and brand).

Custom Website

  • We will create you a custom website based upon current SEO requirements and technology demands. You will have use of this website at no additional charges as long as you remain a customer (when sold, these websites start at $10,000)

Custom Photo Design

Integrated Content Management System


  • We will create a custom, web-ready, logo for your website. The logo will be chosen by Tolero and created with SEO, mobile responsive technology and website analytics in mind. Each logo will be created in 11 different sizes and formats to seamlessly integrate between platforms. If you have an existing logo that you would prefer to use, that meets the size and format requirements, then we will integrate in your existing logo as opposed to making a new one.

Rights Managed Photos

  • We include approximately 15 rights managed photos. Each photo will be formatted and size specifically for the space, page and use. Final number of photos used will depend upon the industry and full demands of the website.

Customization of Mission and Text into Website

Customization of up to 3 Communication Forms with Automatic Email Notifications

  • Standard: One form dedicated to general contacts
  • Optional: One form dedicated to appointment scheduling
  • Optional: One form dedicated to gathering patient reviews

Creation and Inclusion of a Privacy Policy Page

Creation and Inclusion of a “Special Offers” Section or Page (this page is optional depending upon the needs of the client)

Integration, Proof-Reading and Adaptation of up to 25 Web Pages with Initial Set-Up

  • You will have the option of adding additional pages and/or articles to your website as long as you remain a customer. You can have up to 50 pages of content. You can use support minutes to request the addition of more pages. For your reference, a typical page with normal formatting and few errors takes approximately 5 minutes to add and format.

15 minutes of Support per Month

  • Covers adds/moves/changes (we do “everything website” for you)
  • Additional support minutes may be purchased at the rate of $2 per minute

Mobile Responsive Design

  • This integrated design allows the website to cleanly shift between computer, tablet and phone. We will continue to update the website as this technology continues to change.

SEO Integration

  • We design every website for search engine optimization from initial design. We continue to update our websites so that they remain optimized even as technology and search engine algorithms continue to change.

SSL Encryption

  • For both security and search engine optimization purposes, we secure your website with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL secures the information on your website and guarantees against online fraud and theft of sensitive information from your website.

Social Media Integration (up to 5 Accounts)

  • We will integrate up to 5 existing social media accounts into the website.

IP Address

  • Every website that we create is a self-contained, fully functioning website with its own IP Address. We do not create portal sites or sub-sites.

Server Hosting

  • We provide managed service level cloud hosting with guaranteed uptime, website backups, database backups, load balancing, 50GB of bandwidth per month per website, and 1000 compute cycles per month per website.
  • Additional bandwidth and/or compute cycles can be purchased if anticipated or needed

Ongoing Updates and Maintenance

  • We will update the look and feel of the website, as well as the underlying code, to ensure that it is visually up to date and consistently compatible with changing technology.

Managed Server Updates

  • We consistently monitor and update the server so that load time is maximized and drops and errors are minimized. The ongoing goal is maximum functionality!

Managed Content Management System Updates

  • We ensure that the underlying code managing the database of information is up to date and functioning flawlessly.

Email Account

  • We choose and provide 1 HIPAA Compliant Microsoft Exchange Email account with each program. This email is typically info@theURLwechoose.com. The primary purpose for this email account is to ensure secure communication between the website, Tolero and you, the client (internal communication as well as form submissions). Additional Exchange Email accounts are available for $20 per account. We will help you set up and will manage any additional email accounts that you purchase with your website.

Domain Alias

  • We will set up one email domain alias. This will allow an old email address (i.e. info@mywebsiteURL.com) to be captured and forwarded to the email address we provide for you.
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